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  1. 18 point lead. yikes… now let’s put our best offense-defense 5 out there and take it to them. if in 5 minutes this is still an 18pointed let’s all soak in the small shame here and hope our boys take this as a battlecry…or a halloween spookfest miracle may just happen and dallas is the right team to burn

  2. I have always loved Beowulf. I read a couple of excerpts from it back in high school. I would really love to sit down and read the whole thing. I do not think I have ever heard someone speak in old english before. The was a very cool experience for me. Kudos to you Dr. Butcher and thank you. I really enjoyed that.

  3. Edouard (1 comments) dit : 26 novembre 2012 à 14 h 05 minBonjour, merci pour tes tuto, ils sont très utiles ! J’ai le même problème que les autres utilisateurs … Ta méthode fonctionne-t-elle si le blog est directement hébergé sur ? Pense-tu qu’il y ait une méthode simple pour les blogs hébergés directement sur ? Et comment fait-on pour ne pas être hébergé par ? (bon ok, j’abuse un peu de ta gentillesse là … :p) Merci pour ta réponse. Cordialement, Edouard Répondre

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  5. God morgen.Artig Ã¥ lese. Las høgt til mannen, han likar Ã¥ sjÃ¥ etter hjorten i nærleiken hos oss, men ikkje sÃ¥ nær som hos deg. Trudde den heldt sag langt unna no i jakttida…Fin torsdag til deg.Anne-Mari

  6. Well, there is a lot that one can do without marching in the streets. I volunteer at the DCCC phone bank. I agree, it isn’t enough to just pick up some seats but it certainly isn’t enough to be content with complacency.

  7. Ich finde, das Chili con Carne auch wunderbar als vegetarische Alternative zu kochen ist, wenn man Sojahack verwendet. Genau weil alles so schön durchzieht, bekommt das Soja einen wirklich guten Geschmack!

  8. – Hi! Checking in and finally getting time to leave a comment and tell you I am really enjoying your photo project and the beautiful images of your babies. We’re currently renovating our house and I am excited to be planning a photo wall and I’ll take inspiration from your wall a few posts ago. Happy rest of the week to you!

  9. Maria das Graças disse:Beth, segui seu conselho e fui ao Vagenende. Adorei, como voce já sabe. Nunca fui a um restaurante estrelado. Que restaurante estrelado voce me indicaria em Paris? Mas, por favor, um onde eu possa escolher à la carte.Só para complementar, nunca comi mal nas minhas viagens. Pelo contrário, sempre comi muito bem.

  10. I don’t think there is any car which is under 10 years old that will recreate the JNC driving experience. Part of the experience is the water leaking through the seals when it rains, the car randomly breaking down in the middle of the night and that constant smell of petrol fumes. In terms of driving experience, the older cars just had less gadgets in them so even jumping into my ’94 180SX from my parents ’10 Forester feels like i’m driving a go-kart. Not even the NC MX5 feels like that anymore… sad times.

  11. the same line twice and has George saying two entirely different ways to say he was very angry – and then very Tired. She has him saying one line two entirely different ways – and repeats it like she claims she heard it.Dee Dee is non-credible as they come..

  12. It was a guy. Totally disgusted by his performance. I’d say he is done for. Ughh…Could care less if someone is gay, but that was S&M porn. Wrong channel, not prime time material.

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  14. I knew you had qualified by a 13 seconds…but when I saw that picture of you taking a picture right near the finish line I had a stroke!!!! I would not have been as calm trying to get that BQ!! Nice (comprehensive) race report! I’m glad Boston was good to you!

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  18. "American elites see themselves as multinational, citizens of the world, who happen to be stuck in a country filled with ignorant jingoists who believe in Creationism and Nationalism, and don't drink Fair Trade coffee"Yes and so they elected a President of the World too. He fits right in with them.In a while all this will self destruct. It is self destructive just as Hollywood type people are.

  19. You know, I'm the same – I can pretty much remember when and where I picked up nearly every vintage piece we have (mainly homeware in my case) – and usually how much it was too! Great super bargain outfit as usual, and love the faux fur :)x

  20. I agree, Kimberly. That goes with what I just replied to Carl. Most people lose that childlike curiosity, invention, and open-mindedness as they mature. I think creative people, writers in particular, retain more of that.

  21. Det er fantastisk at følge en blog, som indeholder så meget personlighed. Jeg kan personligt nikke genkendende til nogle af de ting du skriver, og det er rart at vide, at der er andre i samme situation. Jeg synes det er modigt at du vælger at skrive så personlige ting ned. Stor respekt.

  22. Che bella iniziativa!È un ottimo modo per imparare!Spesso l'uso di filmati,audio ed immagini aiutano lo studente a comprendere meglio l'argomento.Come anche il precedente post "Ber e Noullí:Fisica e cartoni animati",che aveva lo scopo di presentare attraverso un cartone animato le basi principali della fisica…Grazie per il post!Saluti

  23. It occurs to me that I have an EMT story that would, by comparison, render you unconscious. Suffice it to say that sometimes one of the things that goes out the window in mild dementia is awareness of your own pain threshold, but not so much the inclination to DIY medical devices best left in the hands of professionals. Related: I’ve been flashed by far more people over the age of 75 than any one person should.

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  26. i watched big cat diary on youtube, but i never seen half-tail the leopard, amber (or queen) the cheetah or solo the lion cub, does anyone know where on youtube i can watch the series that had them in? Also is there a series 5?

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  29. 15 junio, 2011>Bueno tu ya sabes que soy seguidora tuya aunque no te deje mensajitos, pero este es por una buena causa: Quiero que me toquen el secador y las planchas!!! jejej. Aki te dejo mi correo por si hay suerte: (vane) BesacosPd. se te echa de menos en el gym…..

  30. hey, just came across your site.. I’m from Asia and sometimes feel that courses/ church programs like purpose driven life/together group etc. are like franchise products from the US. Whatever the small group chooses to study, I think going back to the bible and led by leaders and supported by members who have a deep knowledge of the bible is essential.

  31.  To date, there are four titles in the Dr. Panda lineup which include: Dr. Panda, Teach Me, Dr. Panda’s Restaurant, Dr. Panda Hospital  and their newest edition Dr. Panda’s Daycare which we will be reviewing

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  33. I also have a pets, I know they do not have family tragedy. I sympathize with those stray dogs. . .I agree with you that the dogs are our friends, not just our pets. That day I see government officials in the street to apprehend stray dogs in the street, I saw it … I want to cry how pathetic! Tighten their neck, i felt they are breath so difficult. . =(

  34. guuuuuurl~~~ you really DO need to come to HK! We have this place, actually it's from Singapore originally but they have this toast that's got coconut butter spread on top and in between the two toast slices, is a glob of butter.OR there's lai yao ju, which is similar to the one you ate. Crunchy on the outside and split in half and toasted again with a dollop of butter hahaha so good!!! Expect to gain like 15 pounds if you ever come here to visit!

  35. a long time ago that david should duet with christina! maybe when he comes back they could have a huge radio hit if someone writes an amazing song for them! i think christina and david are a perfect match vocally. so powerful and soulful. hope he’s still interested in being a music star when he comes homes or we’re all screwed. then what?

  36. So I guess we are destined to be in the following cycle: import poor guest workers to do the jobs Americans won't do. Those workers will eventually become citizens and have kids. Those kids will now no longer want to do the jobs Americans won't do. Import a new batch of poor guest workers, rinse and repeat until the USA has 500 million people.

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  42. What an awesome garden, I am so jealous. Seriously, all those tomatoes, squash, cucumbers … and watermelon?!?! How lucky you are (and reaping the results of your hard work, too!). Maybe next year I'll branch out from this year's first-ever container flower garden and try planting some watermelon! Hugs ~ Mary

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  44. Hi Mary! I love the crust on the Poem Koe, looks somewhat dignified to me. I know that's a weird way to describe a cake, but that's the first thing that came to my mind when i first saw it! very dignified indeed!

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  48. Then you’ll LOVE Hunger Games.And, as usual, I had ZERO problem with the show being “unbelievable”… All Science Fiction is “unbelievable” because it’s Fiction. I had problems with it not being true to its’ own rules and setting up a Hunger Games/Twilight dynamic.

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  60. Tulip, jeg glæder mig også helt, helt vildt. Tæller dagene og følger vejrudsigten :-)Lykke, lige præcist; vidunderligt vanvittigt -sådan er det hjemme hos os :-DSifka, ja så får man jo masser ud af dagen ;-)Louise, hvor er du sød, jeg synes også jeg er smadderheldig over at være mor til de to banditter. Og mht overskud, ja så har jeg indimellem andre gange slet slet ikke ;)

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  68. yep. i like that scenario MAS…really..and could actually be in this way, so the house was fixed and sold and Sookie wants it back….could be..the house id Grans’ and after her dead is 50-50 i guess with jason…now that she is gone he could sell her part too…Interesting scenario!   0 likes

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