diesel engines for agriculture

Tractors are the absolutely essential workhorses of agriculture. There are good reasons that our engines drive these highly modern vehicles. Our engines produce a high amount of torque over a wide range of engine speeds. Whether doing heavy transport work or plowing on wet, hard surfaces, the compact engines prove themselves with their superior

power. In addition, a maintenance-free, wheel-driven power take-off can be used as a strong source of power for various add-on units. Since the consumption of both fuel and resources is kept low, the use of our diesel engines for agriculture is economically efficient. In addition, the reliability and availability that our engines have always featured make them what they are: your driving power.

MTU diesel engines for agriculture

Engine model           Rated Power IFN or ICFN     Exhaust emission

                  kW     bhp     rpm          

MTU4R 1000 A20           100     134     2200           21,27

MTU4R 1000 A30           129     173     2200           21,27

MTU6R 1000 A20           180     241     2200           21,27

MTU6R 1000 A30           210     282     2200           21,27

MTU6R 1100 A30           280     375     1700           21,27

MTU6R 1300 A20           320     429     1700           21,27

MTU6R 1300 A30           340     456     1700           21,27

MTU6R 1500 A30           400     536     1700           21,27

How quickly the harvest can successfully be brought in has considerable effect on earnings. Harvesters must therefore not only be robust and flexible, but they must also work reliably without exception. And all that with various types of crops, in giant fields, with dust and heat, and often under a tight deadline. Under these extreme conditions, our engines prove what they can do. Thoroughly field tested and proven, with diesel engines for agriculture management that reliably protects against overload and damage, these engines make it possible for modern, high-performance harvesters to take full advantage of their performance potential.Low fuel consumption, sensible service intervals and low maintenance provide you with additional long-term economic benefits.


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