diesel engines underground mines

The higher the requirements and the more specific the application, the more the need for diesel engines underground mines. That’s because we develop the optimum drive solutions for all individual tasks. The characteri

-stics of our engines make them ideal for agricultural and forestry


Availability Uncompromising availability provides reliable operation. Our tested and proven products and technolo

-gies combined with our acknowledged quality standards translate into superior dependability. Our engines are prepared for the job anytime, anywhere.

Power-to-volume ratioOur engines are designed for the smallest dimensions, allowing agriculture and forestry machinery

engineers maximum flexibility to design equipment.

Power-to-weight ratio

Increasing power demands typically result in heavier equipment. Our engines are designed to provide maximum power with minimum weight. They are carefully engineered to eliminate dead weight without

compromising durability.

emissions reduction technology

The conservation of the environment and natural resources is a social obligation for us as an engine builder. We offer engines and technology solutions that comply with the next level of emissions regulations. At the same time, we have met the challenge of reducing fuel consumption.

Diesel engines underground mines:

Engine model     Rated Power IFN or ICFN       Exhaust emission

          kW     bhp     rpm          

MTU904 C     75     101     2200           MSHA

MTU904 C     90     121     2200           MSHA

MTU904 C     100     134     2200           MSHA

MTU904 C     110     147     2200           MSHA

MTU904 C     130     174     2200           MSHA

MTU906 C     150     201     2200           MSHA

MTU906 C     170     228     2200           MSHA

MTU906 C     180     241     2200           MSHA

MTU906 C     190     255     2200           MSHA

MTU906 C     205     275     2200           MSHA

MTUS60           224     300     2100           MSHA

Our latest engines are equipped with modern EGR technology. Combined with two-stage turbo-charging and charge-air cooling, EGR enables  engine compliance with the most stringent emission regulations such  as EPA Tier 4 final. That means optimum engine characteristics and  cost-efficient operation while meeting emissions standards. Depending on the engine operating point, a certain quantity of exhaust

gas is conveyed to the EGR cooler. As it passes through the cooler, the hot exhaust gas is cooled and then mixed with charge air. Mixing the exhaust gas with charge air results in a significant reduction in combustion temperature by comparison with engines that are not using EGR. In return, much lower raw emissions levels of nitrogen oxide are generated inside the engine. The highly efficient EGR combustion process developed by MTU ensures compliance with EPA Tier 4 final emissions legislation without the need for aftertreatment.


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